Case Study: Simple Adwords Conversion Tracking Takeaways for Effective PPC Campaign Management.

As part of our process for content marketing we perform what we call keyword insight where we (1) test (no guessing) all the keywords someone might use to connect with our client to specifically determine the keywords to target in the local market and, (2) test (no guessing) the specific copy that resonates with those prospects that helps us determine what things are important to them.

This intel is critical to proper ppc campaign management and achieving the adwords conversion tracking performance we are looking for.

In the specific ppc campaign management video featured here we see that putting a promo offer deadline of within 1 week is 600% more engaging than the same offer more than 2 weeks out.

In addition, one of the other ads, which didn’t feature a promo deadline at all and expanded on the specific benefits of the offer in general was 23 times more engaging.

Simple Adwords Conversion Tracking Takeaways for Effective PPC Campaign Management:

(1) Test promo deadlines to see which timelines work best for you. For example: today, this week, two weeks, end of month.

Note…be sure to consider the time involved in google ad changes and testing. You might be forcing your ppc campaign management team or ppc manager into an early retirement with over-managing the ads with too little fruit.

(2) Consider the audience and where they are at, in terms of the buying funnel. Promo deadlines can be great at motivating people to buy now and get off the fence; however, the benefits have to be clearly understood before an promo deadline will motivate.

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