Design and Consulting Services (5 Hours)


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Due to so many client requests, we are now offering on-demand design and consulting services in blocks of time! dock29 will act as your website technical guru, designer and consultant with the benefit of only paying us when you need us. Your purchased time never expires.

What can we do with your time?

>> Implement growth strategies for your blog or website.
>> Complete design and maintenance changes or branding changes on an ongoing basis.
>> Update your website upon request (add widgets/plugins/ad code).
>> Fix problems or errors with the site not covered by our maintenance plans.
>> Provide consulting advice and tips on how to improve any area of your site.

How much does it cost?

>> Regular Hourly Rate: $150 / hr
>> 5 Hour Block: $150/hr = $750 total

How does it work?

>> When you contact us with your request, we will complete the task and record the time (rounded up to the nearest half hour).
>> Upon completion of your request you will receive a report stating the work completed and the length of time per task.

How do I get started?

To purchase on-demand consulting hours, simply select the block of time you need and add it your shopping cart. You will be contacted by dock29 shortly!

5 Hour Block: $150/hr = $750 total