Email Marketing Stats (just the facts)

> Mobile opens have increase 300% since 2010
> 4 in 10 emails are now being read on mobile devices
> 37% more people are opening email on mobile devices rather than browser
> 65% plan to integrate their email efforts with social in 2013


Based on this data here are some questions to consider for email marketing

1) Are we optimizing the mobile email experience visually?
2) Does our website look good when viewed on a mobile device (at least Android, iphone, ipad). If not consider in investing in a mobile website?
3) Are we segmenting our email list, first by device vs. desktop, then on behavior (what the user clicked or didn’t click), then any other customer or demographic data?
4) Are we doing a small test of at least two different subject lines to a small segment of the list to see which one performs better, before pushing to the full list?
5) Are we giving customers the ability to engage with us softly with social media integrations into email and website, whitepapers/ebooks/webinars, other email lists, or blogs/rss?

Any other email marketing tips you think would be helpful, please share below!