Accurate Keyword Research – Keyword Generator Tool

Looking for an accurate keyword research keyword generator tool?

The Background:

There are likely hundreds of keywords that someone may type into Google to find your product/service locally.

That’s not to mention all the local cities that you serve in and around your location.

Plus consider that someone may type in the keyword then the city, or the city and then the keyword…

Plus plus – there are likely many derivatives of those product/service keywords to consider…

Net net…you’re talking quite a few thousand keywords even for the most basic small business search engine marketing program.

The Keyword Generator Tool:


DaDaDaDaa – We’ve created a basic Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that will allow you to quickly buildout a massive keyword list.

You can then use this massive keyword list, in conjunction with the Google Adwords Editor tool (click here to download) for upload of those tens of thousands or millions of keywords.

Thus powering a beautifully efficient long-tail Google adwords PPC program or to identify the best keywords to target for organic search engine optimization. For more on organic search engine optimization click here.

Take a peek at the video to see how the spreadsheet works. You can download the keyword generator tool by clicking here.




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