Best Day to Email Marketing Tips

Email Marketing Tips – Best Day to Email

So what is the best day to email? Well the short answer is to test.

Whether you are using constant contact or vertical response or a much more powerful email marketing tool – the best email marketing tips we can offer on best day to email – test it.

As a general email marketing tip one could make the arguement, across all verticals, that email marketing push days of Tuesday and Thursday work best. However, many are pushing those days and as a result your email marketing message may be getting “lost in the clutter.”

Due a recent client delay, we had to push two specific email marketing campaigns on Sunday morning at around 7:35AM EST instead of our normal push of Thursday morning at 8:35am EST sharp! The lists are about 40,000 and 20,000 in size and here are the results of the topline performance (no sales – that to come later)…but here it goes…

• Unique Opens – +39.7%
• Total Clicks – +14.7%
• Unique Clicks – +33.1%

Net net…one of our best email marketing tips to date on the best day to email – test test test. It may very well surprise you!