Email Marketing Campaign Performance
We were doing weekly product pushes to 2 specific lists for this client in the b2b space. Both lists were around 40,000 addresses each and we were averaging about a 15% open rate. Most of those email addresses in the list were prospective customers who hadn’t converted just yet but had opted into receiving communications. The primary goal of each of the emails in the email marketing campaign, was to increase open rates, the kpi, provided to us by the client. Being a b2b with an e-commerce website, we would have preferred to use actual sales, but no matter. Client = God (at least from an agency perspective).

Although we were having growth in open rates as an overall trend, we were just kind of limping along on a lazy, small incline.

Challenged by the client to ratchet up our email marketing campaign we decided to build in 20% more creative development time on the front end. This strategic marketing change included more time brainstorming a greater variety of concepts, ideas, and taglines.

The results of the strategic marketing change on the email marketing campaign performance were pretty staggering. A simple 5 minute increase per email per month (20% increase in creative dev time) resulted in a 28% lift in email marketing campaign performance. WOW!

Key take-away group. Invest a little more time at being creative this week and reap the benefits no matter what the KPI.