My kids are discovering how numbers and letters can be cool!

At dock29 we don’t guess which email marketing subject lines are going to drive more engagement, we test it with small segments first.

We have an email list for a client that is over 70K names strong with engagement consistently well into the 20%+ mark.

Version A, Version B, and Version C went out in buckets of 50 for testing variations of subject lines.  Within 30 minutes or so we have a winner!

My Kids 1st Email Marketing CampaignThis is where my little ones helped with my office whiteboard…

  1. I had them write A, B, C then the dashes
  2. I asked them to write “4, 2, 1”  (corresponding to the # of unique opens for each version).
  3. I then asked which one was the largest, and they were right (noted properly with the green check mark)!

and then off to the entire list!

Very “serious” fun!  

This methodology also works well for interns (LOL remembering the old days).