Considering A New B2B Website Platform? Proper B2B Website Development Matters…Alot.

Imagine Losing 40% of Your Sales Because of Improperly Done B2B Website Development?

Before investing in a B2B Website Platform there are many things to consider. Having the right guidance with B2B website development will make or break success right out of the gate, regardless of whether you have a B2B e-commerce website or not.

Since ALL BUSINESS WEBSITES are designed for sales in the end, good B2B web development should be done by a B2B website design agency that 1st UNDERSTANDS SALES and how to get to a company’s best prospects and convert on them.

As a B2B web design company that has worked for some of the largest brands on the planet, we have crafted a B2B Case Study for one of our smaller clients highlighting just how important building a proper B2B website platform can be and what to learn as to NOT repeat these disastrous and catastrophic results.

– Client is a B2B Manufacturing Company on the west coast (Dies, Molds, AKA Machine Shop)
– Average about 500 guests every month coming into their website
60+% of traffic from Google / 33% or so direct
– Received about 20 or so quick quotes per month and closed a very very high percentage of them.
– Online leads represented about 40% of their overall sales

– Needed and overhaul of the look and feel of their website as it was severely outdated
– The new site was launched Mid/Late Oct 2019 with devastating results
– Almost overnight online leads and quote request tanked and, as you can, seen never recovered.

With a clear understanding of the challenges associated with B2B Website platform development, this company could have avoided 10 months of declining traffic and lost sales.

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