My friend Marcela De Vivo, writer for Search Engine Watch, has crafted a stellar piece on “How to optimize your content for Q&As.”

You’ve seen these snippets on Google that feature helpful quick answers at the top of the search results pages, but very few people understand exactly how this works. Marcela demystifies snippets and gives us a quick guide to deployment.

Here are my quick notes to help you and your team optimize for page 0:

  • Are You Optimizing for Page 0. - SEW

    See Marcela’s Full Article – click here

    There are no simple ways to mark a page for a Featured Snippet. Google programmatically detects pages that answer the user’s question, and display a top result as a featured snippet in the search results.

  • Just below the snippet you may find additional areas for future buildout just below in the “People also ask” section.
  • You may also find other related ideas at the bottom of the search page under the “Searches related to [the search query keyword you entered]”.
  • Other tools like Quora or Bloomberry can be a tremendous resource in finding trending Q&A content.
  • Optimize around “How” and “What” questions.
  • Create Q and A page, with articles that help answer the question; consider outbound links to this deaper content.
  • Use H1 or H2 tags for the question and then paragraph tags for the answer.
  • The most popular snippets were 40-50 word answers.

…well those are my takeaways from Marcela’s awesome content. Her full article can be found by clicking here.

Do you have any additional thoughts? Please share below.

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