As a Small Business Digital Marketing Consultant firm, we play with massive amounts of data every week.  One of those hugely overlooked areas of improvement is the re-occuring issue of data quality within an organization and its direct impact on sales.

“Poor data quality is the main reason for 40% of all failed business initiatives, according to Gartner Inc., study.”

Here is a quick rundown from Melissa Data Magazine and one of our Small Business Digital Marketing Consultants to improve data quality within your organization.


Step 1. Scrub and Sanitize Bad Data

Consider edits and adjustments at point of entry and then periodically, on a schedule, in batch.

  • Address – Verify and standardize contact info
  • Email – Utilize an email verification solution and email change of address solution
  • Phone – Utilize a phone verification solution and verify as business, residential, landline, VOIP and mobile to know when to call
  • Name – Verifying and standardizing names such as “Jonh” to “John” and proper case; particularly helpful in email marketing campaigns where you are using the first name for personalization.


Step 2. Wipe Out Duplicates

Assuming your organization if like everyone elses let’s say 10% of your names and addresses are duplicates. Assuming a total mailing cost of $8,300 your blowing $830 every time you push a piece – OUCH!


Step 3. Refresh Addresses with Up to Date Information

Use listware to update your database with current addresses of family and businesses that have moved to qualify for postal discounts and reduce waste associated with undeliverable mail.


Step 4 – Recharge Your Data with Missing Information

In this age of personalized experiences and viral marketing, by filling in customer and prospect blanks in demographic, lifestyle and geographic profiles, your company can significantly improve your communications in terms of both content and frequency.  Translation…improve your content and social media marketing strategy by making what you share more timely and relevant to your target market. Doing so will increase both engagement quality and frequency and ultimately sales!


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Source: Melissa Data Magazine, 2015