Facebook Small Business Social Media StrategyOne of the key components to creating a strong Facebook Small Business Social Media Strategy is to use tools to augment your individual or team’s content generation.

Whether we are talking about achieving rankings as part of a search engine marketing program or proving social media roi, creating unique and engaging Facebook content can be difficult for many medium or small businesses.

No matter what industry your small business competes in, the web is full of great content that would be helpful to your prospects and customers. The challenge, using the technology to find, filter, and publish this content, automatically as part of your Facebook Small Business Social Media Strategy.

There are many tools and techniques to do this which allows your business to share amazingly helpful content that someone else has diligently crafted, which once shared, shows up with your brand AND provides credit to the author.  Walla, a win, win, win, win!

  • Win – your customers get some amazing content they believe helpful
  • Win – your Facebook Small Business prospects believe you’re brilliant and will contact you when it’s time
  • Win – the author gets the credit and visibility for their efforts
  • Win – your brand is positioned as the go-to-source of product or service information at the local or niche level.

We recently brought on a Facebook Small Business client who was having a hard time “keeping up” with consistently posting good content.

What do you think?  Was the Social Media Tool Successful?

Now it’s your turn.  Please share your Facebook Small Business Social Media Strategy!