Even if you find the Google customer service number you’re outta luck in many cases if you have a pressing question and want some answers.

Whether it’s Google apps for email for your small business, Google+ reviews and ratings disappearing, or a small business Google advertising effort using adwords – need help?

Here’s the scenario for a small business wanting some answers from Google Customer Service.

  1. Get the notification in your account saying there’s a problem(smile – this is no problem right)
  2. Click the amazingly “non-helpful” help link on that page giving you the options to “browse help” or access the “Google adwords community forum” where you’ll discover that you’re not the only one who has that problem and seeking reconciliation…and getting none.(look at your watch & smile – this is still no problem but it might take a little longer than what you thought it would)
  3. You then try clicking the Google Customer service email icon and shoot an email off to Google which will be answered in anywhere from 1- 3 days; probably. If you do get an email back, rest assured it, will have one or many links to a page or page(s) that you’ve been to at least 4 times.(realizing you should have worked out this morning as the stress builds – this is still no problem as you can manage the client’s expectations)
  4. You then try to make a call directly to your friendly Mountainview Google customer service representative only to find a busy signal no matter what time of day.(flustered at this point realizing you hope BING starts to get their act together as Google’s customer service is really really bad, really bad)
  5. Lastly you try the chat (if its available) – counting down the queue from 10, 9, 8, 7… Realizing you can’t jump to other screens as there is no ding in Google chat recognizing the rep is awaiting your attention. Pulling out your mobile phone for :30 minutes of only partially effective time management adjusting some calendar items & tasks as well as responding to few emails.

Only to get this (take a peek at the chat thread below – DOWNRIGHT EVIL)…a Google Customer Service Representative who treats you like to you don’t matter and that you’re a criminal for violating the terms and conditions you agreed to when you signed up AND GAVE GOOGLE YOUR/CLIENTS MONEY.


Google Customer Service Number

Google Customer Service – sending YOUR CUSTOMERS stupid links to pages and pages of crap that means nothing and not helping them with their sincere problems is arrogrant and will not end well for you guys.

You know what the real stick in the eye is…guaranteed you’ll get a Google Customer Service follow up email asking “how well we did…” Absolutely halarious! Go Microsoft!

Anyone else have Google Customer Service problems like this? Are there any resolution stories or techniques we can get as customers?