Local Search Engine Marketing Agency

Local Search Engine Marketing Agency

A Local Search Engine Marketing Agency with the Big Brand Experience You Deserve at a Price You’ll Love.

What if there was a Local Search Engine Marketing Agency that had the talent and the tools that served clients like GM, USBank, ditech.com, Caterpillar, Sears, DeVry, Edward Jones and other global brands?

What if that same Local Search Engine Marketing Agency had in-depth experience and a proven track record with the unique challenges associated with small and medium sized business marketing and operations?

What if that same Local Search Engine Marketing Agency were to offer their services at a price you’ll love?

We are your Local Search Engine Marketing Agency!

We have the greatest Local Search Engine Marketing expertise available in this marketplace. When we say marketplace, we are not just referring to the local geography, but the entire small and medium-size business marketplace across dozens of verticals. All this experience results in just one thing; the best, most accountable, search engine marketing program available today for the small and medium-size business.

Our Local Search Engine Marketing Agency process is by far the best and simplest way to ensure success & works like this:

  1. We build out the largest keyword list the organization has ever compiled
  2. Test those keywords live in Google
  3. Bucket the keywords into target social, target organic search, target pay per click, don’t target
  4. Craft & manage interactive campaign to achieve best performance whatever the companies KPIs
  5. Provide a monthly report via email to management with highlights (to report how we’re doing) and action steps (what we are going to do next month) and attached the reports in PDF for review (if you’re a data freak like us).
  6. (Unique to social) – Social Media Alert & Engage Program. We will put in alerts to notify us immediately of any mention of the company’s brand, product and/or service, or any other keywords that are targeted. Then, depending on the level of service we will either engage in correspondence on the company’s behalf, engage in correspondence on the company’s behalf with approval provided for each message, or simply let the organization field all correspondence directly.

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DIY Local Search Engine Marketing Agency ‘s…a quick tip

Just a quick message for the do-it-yourselfers. This is a full-time job. There are no shortcuts or quick fixes. There is real work involved in achieving rankings in maintaining them for the long term. In addition, targeting the right keyword is absolutely critical to seeing healthy returns on any interactive investment, whether that be time or capital.

Tools like Google’s AdWords estimator tool can be very helpful in doing a quick and dirty analysis, but are far from perfect in determining the exact keywords that you need to target. In fact, most keywords with your local city, either before or after the keyword, are often not included in the search results estimate. One must not forget that Google’s main interest is to make money, and as a result, would appear to hide or minimize the visibility of potential local targeted keywords. In a recent client example, Google’s AdWords estimator tool was showing zero results for a local keyword that was actually receiving upwards of 400 search impressions per week.