New Domain Extensions & Names Question…

I got an email the other day from a client asking about the new domain extensions that are available; such as .guru, .photography, .club, .tips.

Here is his email about purchasing New Domain Extensions and if it’s worth his time and the cost.

— (client email start) —
Hi Chris,
Hope you are good this Friday.
I’d like to be ahead of the curve on the new domain names available if that makes sense for me.
What are your thoughts about this?  Can my site be linked to something like .psychologist or .therapist and what name would we use and what should we apply for and how to do we apply?

Would we do more than one?
How expensive could it get?

When you have a chance let me know your thoughts and if we should do something now (if there is anything to do now or do we have to wait for these to be available)

Dr. A.

— ( client email end) —

Here is my response to him about the purchasing the new domain name and domain name extensions…

— (my response start) —

Hi Dr. A.,

I am not sure it makes too much difference especially considering Google Semantic Search.

Using semantic search, Google and the other engines, are already actively categorizing the web based on content you push out.  This is why social media marketing is going to be so important.

Content is king whether it be social media or search marketing or youtube videos.

Jokingly…at some point…if it was written on a paper napkin in a bar, it will likely be indexed on Google at some point.

Net net, from a branding perspective, it might be a good idea.  So something like .psychologist or .psychotherapist maybe ok but I would suggest something more witty/shorter like .guru (although compliance regulations may prevent that).

Just remember – once the domain extensions are bought they are likely never to be freed up.

To keep an eye out use the following link:

— (my response end) —

What do you think about the new domain extensions and new domain names available?

Did I give good advice to Dr. A. or do you have a different opinion on the new domain extensions?
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