As your local SEO consultant, here are a few really solid tips from my friends over at SEWTim Smith over there has put together a nice punch list for those looking to get big immediate gains in their local seo program that are easy to implement.


Nine quick fixes to improve your stagnant SEO:

  1. Build Internal Links – specifically top pages to underperforming pages (assuming they are good).
  2. Improve your on-page content.  Does it rock?
  3. Optimize meta titles / descriptions for clicks.
  4. Refocus underperforming pages.
  5. Quick link building – brand mentions (yours and hush…competitors too).
  6. Quick link building – just ask.
  7. Quick link building – link reclamation.
  8. Manage 404 errors.
  9. Fix redirect issues.

For those with short attention spans like myself, go to it…for those of you with a little more focus you can read the full SEW article by clicking the link below.

Nine quick fixes to improve your stagnant SEO

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