Small Business Marketing PlanThe essential roadmap needed to reach the right customers, at the right time, with the right channels, with the right return.

After a thorough demographic, geographic and psychographic analysis; dock29 will plan and detail by market and media, what and when specific media channels are to be used and what those channels are expected to produce in regard to customers, expense, and return on investment.

dock29 will also place & manage all media buys and continually optimize each of your campaigns to drive better efficiency and/or volume, based on actual performance and your business, marketing and operational objectives.

Oh so you want some objective tangible goals right? We love it here you go:
1. Analyze current customer base for the client:

A. Customer services breakout
B. Average customer value by services and general
C. Customer location mapping by service, value and propensity, and visit frequency
D. Referral source(s) including media if available

2. Develop a Comprehensive Market Plan to determine the:

A. Specific target customer(s) available to the client
B. Most effective messaging, media and timing to reach these target(s) based on research, unique value propositions, strategic corporate goals, and competitive landscape

3. Develop Comprehensive Media Forecast Models to provide benchmark performance for optimizations of all advertising investments in order to drive the highest ROI out of a limited budget based on actual versus potential. May include media template development and proposed media flight schedules.
So that’s the topline, let’s get into the detail shall we.


Our Comprehensive Market Plan will detail out the following:

1. (15 days) – Comprehensive Current Customers Analysis
2. (30 days) – Comprehensive Market Plan (CBSA/DMA Market Definitions).

A. Industry Intelligence

1. Peak Sales Months/Seasons
2. Market Sales Potential
3. Top Product Categories
4. Other Important Facts About This Type of Business
5. Ad Copy Points
6. Target Customers (by demographic)
7. Target Customers (by Mile Radius)
8. Top Factors People Consider When Choosing This Type of Business
9. Lifestyle Analysis (where available)
10. Other Important Facts About Typical Customers
11. Industry Trade News


B. Advertising/Marketing Budget

1. Annual Sales per Location
2. Annual Advertising Budget (percentage of sales method)
3. Annual Advertising Budget ($ per employee method)
4. Local Media Spending
5. Average Marketing Expenditures
6. Co-op Advertising Availability (where applicable)
7. Most Actively Used Co-op Programs for Advertising (where applicable)
8. Co-op Source Report (where applicable)

C. Consumer Spending/Buying Trends

1. Consumer Spending by Life Stage for Primary Business Type
2. Consumer Spending by Life Stage for Secondary Business Type
3. Consumer Spending by Zip Code for Primary Business Type
4. Consumer Spending by Zip Code for Secondary Business Type
5. Consumer Spending Trends


D. Market Demographics

1. Population
2. Households
3. Ancestry

E. Competitive Analysis

1. Primary, secondary, and tertiary competitors are identified
2. Competitors size, sales and unique value propositions analyzed
3. Strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats are developed (SWOT)


F. Brand positioning

1. Brand position statements are created around all quantitative & qualitative research
2, Brand vision statement is developed to summarize all the brand positioning statements

G. Marketing & Advertising Strategy

1. Recommended media channels based on sales
2. Media return on investment (ROI) performance benchmarks against sales
3. Campaign messaging strategy(ies) and creative direction


3. (15 days) – Comprehensive Media Benchmark Performance Models which includes a detailed media breakout, % overall budget allocation by media, and performance expectations of those media current market share versus available. The basis of these forecast models may also include:

A. Detailed media strategy including creative template development
B. Media flight schedule development based on current media rate cards