Small Business SEO

Small Business SEO, or Search engine marketing in general, is the sophisticated art of improving a websites search engine visibility by utilizing natural search listings and managing paid advertising to give the most affordable and effective performance on budget.


  1. No, your not the only one who uses Google to find things or research the companies to want to be business with
  2. Yes, showing up for the exact words your customers put into that Google search box are wildly important and will mean the difference between success and failure

We will get into our process in just a moment but let’s get one thing absolutely clear….our Small Business SEO goal is top 10 rankings for the best keywords!

Small Business SEO description

A critical component in our Small Business SEO program is working with the organization to select the best “keywords” to target, statistically show the organization’s website ranks in relation to those keywords, develop and execute onsite and offsite solutions to help improve organic rankings, and deliver reporting to track those improvements by keyword and by search engine.

Keywords are Key – bar none the most important thing the organization can do online is make sure the “best” keywords are being used online, across all channels!

Keywords may include: brand and derivations of brand, products and services, specific features and benefits of products and services, executive team and other high level spokespeople, brands the brands has worked with, case study highlights and reviews, portions or specifics of a much larger solution set, symptoms of problems, etc. The number of keywords, even smaller companies with limited product/service suite, can run in the tens of thousands, and this is before we look at including local cities derivatives.

In the new online environment ALL potential keywords and derivatives of those keywords need to be considered. Our Small Business SEO program addresses this exact need!

Our Small Business SEO process is very systematic and works across ALL B2B and B2C Verticals.

  1. We build out the largest keyword list the organization has ever compiled
  2. Test those keywords live in Google
  3. Bucket the keywords into target social, target organic search, target pay per click, don’t target
  4. Craft & manage interactive campaign to achieve best performance whatever the companies KPIs
  5. Provide a monthly report via email to management with highlights (to report how were doing) and action steps (what we are going to do next month) and attached the reports in PDF for review (if you’re a data freak like us).