Running only 9 minutes (just below) – we are sharing the Top 10 Tips for Small Business SEO via video as a follow up to our post we did on March 9th entitled “Top 10 Basics of Small Business SEO.”

Top 10 Tips for Small Business SEO:

1. Know your keywords and use them consistently in “e” anything and everything!

2. Implement URL rewrites with the keyword being visible as early in the website address as possible.

3. Use H1 Header Tags – only one per page please!

4. Use 1-3 keywords at most per page, 2 of those should be very closely related.

5. Use keyword rich title and meta descriptions.

6. Bold your keywords in the body.

7. Use Hyperlinks with keywords in them.

8. Use alt & title tags for images.

9. Use the keyword in the copy 2 to 3 times consistently in the first 200-300 words.

10. Make no excuses.

Full Article on Top 10 Basics of Small Business SEO is available by clicking here.