dock29 reviews & testimonials

So we’re pretty hot right now in the local Sarasota search engine marketing & website design space and it’s catching on in other places throughout the U.S. as well.

We have strategic partnerships with agencies in Sarasota, Tampa, Dallas, Springfield (MO), Atlanta, and New York.

It’s a big world so if you haven’t heard of dock29, it’s nice to meet you!

At dock29 we do better search engine, social and internet marketing for small and medium sized businesses (primarily SMBs, but it works beautifully for regional/national/global companies as well…read on…).

Because performance is critical and budgets always tight, the businesses we work with are focused on building their business strategically and effectively using online media such as search engines, social media, website & blogs, optimized press releases and email marketing.

People who have heard of us regularly ask for some dock29 reviews & testimonials so we’d figure we share a few.

The video here is a quick, all be it small, snippet of dock29 reviews & testimonials that may help you “feel” just some of the love our clients have shared with us.

Take a peek at these dock29 testimonials and reviews and let us know if we can explore opportunities to help you become an “overjoyed, enthusiastic, we can’t live without’em” fan!