Our Process

Think about it…Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Google Map/Places, LinkedIn, Review & Ratings Websites, Internet Yellow Pages and Directory Sites.  All of these are major parts of the customer acquisition funnel.  As powerful media channels they each offer significant potential to reach your prospects; but without identifying the “better” keywords to target, initiatives will either be exceeding costly or fall far below reasonable roi performance expectations.

how to keyword research dock29i

The Step by Step

  1. We build out the largest keyword list the organization has ever compiled
  2. Test those keywords live in Google
  3. Bucket the keywords into target social, target organic search, target pay per click, don’t target
  4. Craft & manage interactive campaigns to achieve best performance whatever the companies KPIs
  5. Provide monthly email to management with highlights (to report how we’re doing) and action steps (what we are going to do next month), based on actual performance.
  6. (Unique to social) – Social Media Alert & Engage Program. We will put in alerts to notify us immediately of any mention of the company’s brand, product and/or service, or any other keywords that are targeted. Then, depending on the level of service we will either engage in correspondence on the company’s behalf, engage in correspondence on the company’s behalf with approval provided for each message, or simply let the organization field all correspondence directly.

A Few Detailed Snapshots as To What You Can Expect

Keyword Research
(we research & test (NOT estimates) hundreds of thousands or millions of keywords for your brand in your marketplace.
Better Keywords Better Results
Achieve Rankings for the BETTER KEYWORDS
Monthly Accountability & Management
Monthly Report on Performance


A Video Detailing the Whole Process

Interested in seeing more about How to Keyword Research from our perspective. Check out the video by clicking it just below.