How to Rank on Google – The Overlooked Power of the Google Adwords Program to Get Indexed by Google!

As a digital marketing agency serving small businesses with their search engine optimization needs, we are often asked the question, “How to Rank on Google,” or I have all this great content but how do I, “Get Indexed by Google.”

Although identifying the best keywords to target is critical, you will find a small pay per click program will do the trick nicely.  By small we mean under $100; no more and no need to run ongoing.

Don’t believe me that a small Google Adwords program can boost Google Indexing?

We had a client who was getting about 17 pages per day crawled on their website.  On May 29th, we launched 353,154 keywords in Google’s Adwords Program to test which keywords in their 30 mile local market radius their customers were actually using to potentially find their business.  The next day the average pages crawled per day jumped to 80 – a 471% increase in Google Indexing!  It hasn’t slowed down since even though the campaign has long been exhausted!

How to Rank on Google -  Get Indexed by Google

The evidence is there for How to Rank on Google.  Use the Google Adwords Program with a small $100 campaign and Get Indexed by Google – Fast!

Additional Elements:

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