YouTube Marketing Small Business

So you’d like to explore using YouTube Marketing for Small Business.

You may have heard that YouTube is the second largest search engine on the planet.  You may have heard that Google small business search engine marketing rankings could be bolstered by such efforts.

Both are true!  So here is how to get started.

YouTube Marketing Small Business How To Checklist – Step by Step

  1. Select top of interest for your YouTube Marketing Small Business Video
  2. Identify the best keyword to use in the YouTube video title and in the video description.  Use the Google keyword buildout tool ( or for a more comprehensive, statistically accurate program checkout our process on how to keyword research by clicking here.
  3. Loosely script out what you are going to say.
  4. Create your video using your computer’s webcam, recorded GoToMeeting, digital video camera, ipad, iphone – whatever.   Just remember the first 15 seconds of the video are really really really important.  Your 45 second to 1 minute 30 second YouTube video should, capture viewers attention within the first 15 seconds, have 3-5 quick transitions to keep interest throughout the video, and have a strong call to action close.
  5. Create a blog post around that content and embed the video on your blog.  Cross link from the YouTube video to the blog page and vice versa.
  6. Distribute via social media channels such as Twitter, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn
  7. Distribute via social media bookmark and share sites such as Delicious, Stumbleupon, Digg, Reddit, and Tumblr.
  8. Optimize the video content using the powerful and automatic YouTube Analytics.  With it you can:
  • YouTube-Small-Business-Marketing-How-To-ChecklistSee actual earnings reports data to see what actually drops in the bucket
  • Identify ad formats that are driving revenue
  • Track audience attention to optimize video viewership and performance against key metrics
  • View engagement reports such as likes, dislikes, sharing etc.  AKA how users are interacting with specific content; great for testing!
  • Identifying traffic sources (where viewer found content (Google+, etc.)).


Did I forget anything?  Please feel free to contribute to the discussion below!



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